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Mindfulness, yoga and spiritual teachings online

Your all access pass for mindfulness, yoga and spiritual teachings online

What is Conscious 2?

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Conscious 2 is your all access pass for mindfulness, yoga and spiritual teachings online.

We’ve all seen how services such as Netflix and Spotify have revolutionized entertainment media. It’s now time to let Conscious 2 revolutionize your inner life.

Conscious 2 brings you the intimacy and transmission of a live in person event at the touch of a button. Through live workshops, online courses and feature interviews, you can access your favorite spiritual teachers at your convenience, and join our rapidly growing community of kindred souls.

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In Everyday Mindfulness, meditation teacher Paul Burrows guides you through the fundamentals of developing a meditation practice, and how to ground the practice into your daily life.

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Content you will have access to

  • Essentials of Orgasmic Meditation

    with One Taste

    Essentials of Orgasmic Meditation

    with One Taste

    OM (Orgasmic Meditation) is like yoga for your sex life.  It is a simple practice that brings you closer to yourself, closer to your partner, and closer to your orgasm.  Put simply it is a 15-minute partnered practice that combines clitoral stimulation with meditative practice.  The more you do this practice, the more you feel.   Explicit: […]

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  • Love of the Truth

    with Miranda Macpherson

    Love of the Truth

    with Miranda Macpherson

    Love of the Truth is the engine of the path of self-inquiry.  By learning to love truth in the deepest sense, we find the depth of our hearts, and our love for the sacred mystery of life.  This gives us the strength to face what we need to face, see what we need to see, […]

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  • Radical Gratitude

    with Will Pye

    fantastic beautiful sun halo phenomenon in thailand
    Radical Gratitude

    with Will Pye

    In this exciting “playshop”, Will Pye guides you towards a deep understanding of radical gratitude and how it can transform daily life. You will explore how perspective determines experience, how you can use all life events as a source of expansion and growth, and how to be fully present to whatever arises.

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  • On the Path of Love

    with Rafia Morgan

    On the Path of Love

    with Rafia Morgan

    In this 2-day workshop, Path of Love teacher Rafia Morgan explores the areas of sex, love and prayer and how we can integrate each more deeply in our lives. Through meditations, teachings and practical exercises, discover how to experience the relaxed confidence which is our true nature.

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  • Everyday Mindfulness, a 10 week course with Paul Burrows
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  • 40+ interviews
  • A featured weekly yoga class
  • 75+ hours of life changing workshops and courses
  • Life changing online courses, including ongoing interaction with our teachers
  • Our entire library of recordings of events (our free level only gives you access live)
  • 20+ hours of yoga classes

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