Who We Are


Alex Howard

Founder and Host

Alex is a social entrepreneur, psychotherapist and author.  As a student of the Diamond Approach for the last 14 years, and successful entrepreneur, he has had a fascinating journey of integrating inner awakening with daily life.  He is Founder and CEO of The Optimum Health Clinic, a major UK charity with patients in over 35 countries.  His leadership has seen groundbreaking research published in the British Medical Journal Open, and a recent campaign launched in the House of Lords.  Alex has written several books and various academic papers. 

Alex is deeply passionate about the principles of Conscious 2, and is truly excited to dive deeper into the subject through the various dialogues in Conscious 2.  In addition to being a student of the Diamond Approach, Alex is also very passionate about Ken Wilber's Integral Theory, having written several papers for the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, and presenting on several topics at the recent Integral European Conference.  Alex lives in North London with his wife Tania, and their two young daughters Marli and Ariella.


Tim Bichara


Tim is an entrepreneur who has worked in technology for longer than he cares to remember.  Actively involved in the London start up scene he has launched a number of technology businesses and brought several successful technology products to market.  He is the founder of the award winning mobile agency, Nimble Mobile as well as a Times 2015 "Top 10 Disrupters to Watch", Q App (sold to Yoyo Wallet in 2016).  His awards also include 2 interactive BAFTAs and Startups 100 two years running.

Like all of the C2 team, Tim is passionate about self development and spiritual work.  He has had a regular yoga and meditation practice for well over 10 years and in 2010 he travelled to Mysore in India to study Ashtanga Yoga.  He now understands the ‘sore’ bit.

Ian june 2012

Ian Davidson

Technical Director

Ian has been involved in Buddhist meditation and practices for around seventeen years. Ten years ago, after a gradual process, he left a career working in broadcast television and co-founded Moulin de Chaves, a meditation centre in France. The Moulin hosts events and retreats from various spiritual schools for hundreds of people each year. Concurrently Ian has been involved in various social enterprises, including taking groups of volunteers to replant the Scottish native forest, fundraising for charities, and setting up a microcredit scheme for women seeking asylum from war-torn countries in the UK.

In addition to his established Buddhist background, Ian is also engaged with other teachings including the Ridhwan school, Ken Wilber’s Integral Approach, Hinduism and non-duality. Investing in Conscious 2 and providing technical leadership is an exciting way for Ian to help support further disseminating wisdom into wider society and help make a range of teachings more widely accessible.


    Miranda May

    Head of Post Production

    Miranda is a musician, producer and video maker. She did an MA in Graphic Design and Video and is working in the video production team at Conscious 2. As a result of her own personal health journey, she has developed a keen interest in meditation, health and psychology; and in finding ways to keep unraveling oneself further towards harmony and integration.

      Nick LFW_Small

      Nick Kyriakides

      Studio Manager

      Nick Kyriakides is the founder of Film Creatives, an established film production company based in London. After completing his B/A honours in Digital Lens and Media, Nick began as a self-taught post production artist focusing on his passion for Visual FX. At the age of 21 he entered his first film competition in the states with the film 'Truth or Dare' becoming the competition winner. Subsequent projects have included working for EMI Records, Century Media artists, Bentley, Porsche, Formula One, The National Television and Film, and contributing to an official section at Cannes 2010.

      Nick has a passion for personal development and NLP as a Master Practitioner, and has recently established a new movement called “IMkind” promoting kindness and good deeds around the world.



        Liz Hobbs

        Yoga Producer

        Liz Hobbs is a yoga teacher, comedy writer and performer whose passion for meditation and holistic wellbeing began in 1999 following a life-changing event. In the years since, she has worked in the film industry, qualified as a yoga teacher and undertaken various courses to deepen her understanding of the application of a spiritual practice in the modern world.

        Her writing and comedy tend to reflect her fascination with the ‘bigger picture’ and her inherent Britishness means that she’s often found making fun of herself for the above.

        Liz is our yoga producer here at Conscious 2, and is passionate about bringing yoga to as wide a range of people as possible.


        Nicole Fegley Bio Pic

        Nicole Fegley

        Producer : U.S.A.

        For over a decade, Nicole has been a producer and connector in the field of human development, bringing diverse content and curriculum to life, and uniting people in their work to help others live good, true, and beautiful lives. She currently works in private practice as a Certified Integral Master Coach™, through her company, Unabashedly You.

        She is an original founding member of The Human Program, a project aimed to influence global influencers through customized personal and spiritual growth programs. She is also a co-founder of Core Integral, an educational company offering a comprehensive and accessible approach to learning integral theory.

        Previously, she held leadership positions with Integral Institute and Integral Life, producing and designing many growth and leadership events and experiences, live and online. Prior to this work, she was a successful restaurant and brewery owner.

        She has studied extensively and worked alongside Ken Wilber (Integral Theory), Daniel Brown, PhD (Tibetan Buddhist lineages, Self-Development, Attachment, and Positive Psychology), and Sofia Diaz (Hatha Yoga and Feminine Embodiment).




          Jenny Sherman

          Community Manager

          A true California girl, Jenny started her own hero’s journey one day when she was suddenly hit with a severe illness while on her surfboard. This began a long adventure of self-discovery and inner awareness to find meaning in her experience.  Jenny studied everything from Buddhist teachings to neuro-science, psychology to mythology, art history and biology, and came to understand that her own telling of the story created as much of the experience as the events themselves.

          Jenny was trained at UC Irvine in Fine Arts and has her MFA from UCLA in Film and Animation. She has worked on various creative projects in animation, illustration and web publishing since completing her education.

          She is a student of A Course in Miracles and is deeply passionate about creating a new cultural awareness of our individual and collective spirit, compassion, and the idea of a loving existence. Jenny now lives in Windsor, UK.

          Jenny's Artwork

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          Isabell Jacobson

          Marketing Manager

          Isabell is a communicator, linguist, yoga teacher and writer whose passion for yoga, meditation and health was sparked as a teenager and her constant inquiry and deep commitment to her own practice is continuously evolving. She believes in personal flow, exploration and the art of learning.
          Isabell has travelled widely and has picked up five languages just so she can talk to more people!! She has just come back from Buenos Aires, where she was on the media and communications team of an NGO. She studied languages at Bristol University, spent ten years teaching languages to teenagers and has recently completed a course in Documentary filmmaking at the Met Film School.
          She loves to soften people’s edges and believes in smiling because someone once told her it prevents ageing. She is excited about the content at Conscious 2 and loves to watch the videos whilst sipping tea.


            Stephan photo

            Stephan Nielson

            Film Maker

            Stephan Nielsen is a British filmmaker with ten years of news-reporting experience for companies including Businessweek and Bloomberg LP. His diverse platform of work includes a Brazilian comedy web series and several short documentaries.

            Stephan originally became interested in spirituality in 2009 after attending workshops organized by Art of Living, a personal development program led by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. In 2013 he joined Waking Down, a spiritual movement originating in California and is now dipping his toe into the Diamond Approach.

              Adam Bio

              Adam Lomax

              Video Editor

              Adam’s background is in Digital Advertising and Marketing, having previously worked for one of the largest media networks in the world. During this period his passion for meditation, yoga, and spiritual teachings emerged, as he found it a practical outlet to gain peace in a frantic world. Since then he has recorded over 1000 hours of meditation, and practices Hatha Yoga several times a week.

              Adam is deeply fascinated by Integrative Medicine, as he is always on the look out to further improve his health. He is also enthralled by Ken Wilber’s Integral Approach, and is developing an interest in the teachings of Osho.

              When not in the Conscious 2 office, you can either find Adam working for the National Trust, or scouring one of London’s many historical museums! He currently resides in Hanwell, West London.


              Tamzin Pinkerton


              Tamzin is a mother, author, editor and a student of nutrition. She has also been a student of the Diamond Approach for 5 years, and of yoga since her teens.  Tamzin has previously worked with the Transition Movement, particularly in the field of food, and her book Local Food: How to Make it Happen in your Community was published in 2009. She is passionate about human and ecological health, and feels that spiritual practices and inquiry can play an important role in building our resilience on this planet. Tamzin lives in Totnes, Devon, with her daughter Meli.